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Non-fiction: Pop Culture

Author of the graphic novel histories THE LIFE OF FREDERICK DOUGLASS and the forthcoming THE BLACK PANTHER PARTY, historian, cultural critic, and director David Walker's BLACK FILM, an illustrated narrative of the history of African-Americans in film, from the early 1900s to the present day, to Kaitlin Ketchum at Ten Speed Press, in an exclusive submission, by Alex Glass at Glass Literary Management (world).

Non-fiction: Pop Culture 

Screenwriter and producer aka @bachelorclues Chad Kultgen and TV writer on The Good Place Lizzy Pace's HOW TO WIN THE BACHELOR: THE SECRET RULES OF AMERICA'S TRUE PASTIME, a new bible for Bachelor watchers based on the authors' podcast Game of Roses, presenting the hidden rules and statistics that govern the show and shares a surefire path to winning for any contestant and a new language and way to understand the show for fans, to Hannah Braaten at Gallery, at auction, by Alex Glass at Glass Literary Management (NA).

Non-fiction: Health 

Chair of functional medicine at Cancer Treatment Centers of America and board member of the American Nutrition Association Dr. Stacie Stephenson DC's VIBRANT, a guide to optimal health, avoiding chronic disease, and looking and feeling years younger through lifestyle changes, to Glenn Yeffeth at BenBella Books, by Alex Glass at Glass Literary Management (world English).

Non-fiction: Biography 

Author of CONSOLE WARS and THE HISTORY OF THE FUTURE, entertainment and tech journalist, and filmmaker Blake Harris's EMPEROR OF NOTHING, a biography of Larry David and story of his influence on our culture, from his early struggles as a standup and a writer on Saturday Night Live, to creating the most successful TV show in the world (Seinfeld), and then reinventing himself as a star on another iconic show (Curb Your Enthusiasm), and on the way mentoring the writers and producers who went on to run shows like Veep, The League, and Silicon Valley; based on exclusive access and hundreds of interviews, to Matthew Daddona at Dey Street Books, by Alex Glass at Glass Literary Management, in association with Julian Rosenberg at Circle of Confusion (NA