The Love Principle: Daily Practices for a Loving & Purposeful Life

Dr. Michael B. Brown

Post Hill Press/February 25, 2020

Coming to Public Television as a PBS Special in March 2020!

"It's a rare gift to find such a voice in this world. Michael shares both with power and grace. He weaves story and humor into his presentations and can inspire an audience with his easy leadership and depth of spirit. He has made a huge difference." -- Becca Stevens, Founder and President of Thistle Farms, Author of "Love Heals"

"This is a heart-warming book that will inspire you to do your best and give your best to yourself and everyone around you. Looking at the world through 'love goggles,' will make your world, and the world, simply a better place to be. Grab a mug of hot chocolate and spend some time drinking in the wise words of Dr. Brown." -- Honoree Corder, Author of "Tall Order!: Organize Your Life and Double Your Half the Time" and The Miracle Morning series

"Find love, find life! Michael Brown guides us with perceptive thoughts and exercises to make love the controlling verb, the controlling action in our lives. By changing our world, he helps guide us on the path to happiness." -- John O'Boyle, Broadway Producer of "It Shoulda Been You," "Vanya and Sonia and Masha and Spike," and "La Cage aux Folles"

"Many talk about the need for love, but few actually talk about how to love. In his inspirational new book, The Love Principle, Dr. Michael Brown reverses that pattern, offering us smart, funny, real-world tips on how to live, laugh, and most of all love." -- Susan Sparks, Speaker, Preacher, Comedian, Author of "Laugh Your Way to Grace"

About the Book

There is no force so powerful as authentic love.

Your journey toward long-lasting happiness begins here. In just ten steps, Dr. Michael B. Brown provides a clear path through a discipline of daily loving that will lead you to purpose and joy in life. Follow these steps to bring meaning to your home, romantic relationships, workplace, personal friendships, and your own sense of self.


About the Author

For a decade, Dr. Michael B. Brown served as a successor to Dr. Norman Vincent Peale (author of The Power of Positive Thinking) as Senior Minister at Marble Collegiate Church on 5th Ave. in New York City. He has served on the faculties of Wake Forest University, New Brunswick Theological School, and High Point University.

He has hosted four ABC specials, one NBC special, one PBS fund-raiser, and has made guest appearances on numerous national podcasts, radio, and TV programs.

In 2018, Dr. Brown received The Norman Vincent Peale Award for Positive Thinking from the Peale Foundation. He also serves as a member of Jeffrey Hayzlett’s C-Suite Thought Council.

He does inspirational and motivational speaking in a wide variety of venues including university and college campuses, corporate and institutional settings, correctional facilities (including, e.g., Sing Sing Prison in NY), and numerous Chautauqua campuses (most frequently Bayview, MI, Epworth, MI, and Lakeside, Ohio).