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Non-fiction: General/Other 

Author of CONSOLE WARS, Blake Harris's THE HISTORY OF THE FUTURE: Virtual Reality and the Race to Create the New World, the story of the makers, misfits and visionaries behind the radical new technology, including 22-year-old billionaire Palmer Luckey of Occulus, to Julia Cheiffetz at Dey Street Books, by Alex Glass at Glass Literary Management in association with Julian Rosenberg at Circle of Confusion 

Children's: Young Adult

Author of Family and Other Accidents and In Some Other World, Maybe, Shari Goldhagen's 100 DAYS OF CAKE, in which a 17-year-old girl suffering from depression uses her job at a tropical fish store to cope with the impending doom of graduation and as an escape from her mother who is convinced that the right cake will solve all of her problems, to Jessica Sit at Atheneum, by Alex Glass at Glass Literary Management

Fiction: General/Other

Author of Twins and Bad Marie Marcy Dermansky's THE RED CAR, the story of a woman whose past suddenly lobs a grenade into her disappointing life, forcing her to confront her questionable decisions and start over, moving to Katie Henderson Adams at Liveright, at auction, by Alex Glass at Glass Literary Management 

Non-fiction: Health 

Dr. Michael Breus's THE OVERNIGHT SOLUTION, offering a revolutionary program to help you understand your body's clock and change the timing of your daily habits to live a healthier, happier, more productive life, based on the author's own research in the rapidly emerging field of chronobiology and presenting four distinct "chronotypes" that people fall into, to Tracy Behar at Little, Brown, in a major deal, at auction, by Alex Glass at Glass Literary Management (NA).
UK rights to Susanna Abbott at Vermilion, also at auction.